Geovani Németh-Torres: Diálogo das Carmelitas - Dialogues des Carmelites


Diálogo das Carmelitas - Dialogues des Carmelites

Geovani Németh-Torres, Dezembro de 2018

This is a sickening and depraved scene where these nuns, who were condemned for not wavering in their religious faith were unjustly executed. This was based on a actual historical incident. The nuns hoped, with their Mother Superior, that by giving their lives they could stop the senseless slaughter of the Reign of Terror. The truth was, they succeeded. The crowd assembled that day at the foot of the guillotine did not yell and jeer like they usually did at the executions; they were silent as depicted here in this movie. It almost seemed like they woke up in their humanity and finally realized the terrible injustice and waste of human life in the Reign. One week later Robespierre was executed on the guillotine and the Reign of Terror came to an end.